A Better Way

The purpose of this website is to promote humanitarianism as a better model for American society. It is also designed to spark meaningful dialogue among people who care enough to challenge old mindsets and engage in the work of finding durable solutions to the complex dilemmas of our time.

If Humanitarianism is the Answer. . . what's the Problem?

Our Approach to Addressing Human Needs (aka: colossal government programs)-

  • Over 40 million people per month were participating in the food stamp program, now called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP (FDA report.)

  • The number of people on unemployment benefits in Oct. 2009 was 4.4 percent of the population (DOL report.)

  • 104.6 million people in 2008 were enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or the Chip program (CMS statistics.) That's over 1/3 of the US population.
  • Welfare spending by state and federal governments in 2010 reached an estimated $1,617.80 billion, or over 11 percent of the total wealth generated in the country (USgovernmnetspending.com.)

The Results of Our Approach-

  • In 2008, the United States' poverty rate was 13.2 percent of the total population, or 39.8 million people (US Census Bureau- see page 13.)

  • Statistics show the US unemployment rate persistently hanging around 10 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

  • In 2008 the number of Americans without health insurance reached 46.3 million (see US Census Bureau- see page 20.)
  • The United States, despite being the wealthiest nation on Earth, is ranked 26th in terms of life expectancy at birth (Human Development Index.)

. . . so what about community solutions or the principle of charity?